VerdeGo Aero is creating power and propulsion technologies that enable our customers to develop high-performance, reliable, electric aircraft. Our hybrid-electric powerplants solve the critical performance challenges making the electrification of flight practical, useful, and scalable.

Electrification brings huge opportunities, but the electric-flight industry is struggling with inadequate energy sources to deliver the most compelling missions with full regulatory compliance. Conventional wisdom is that electrification and sustainable fuels are competing visions for the future, but VerdeGo Aero recognizes that combined, these two advances can deliver greater impact, faster progress, and higher performance.

The aerospace industry hasn’t seen this level of innovation since the emergence of the jet engine.

There are more than 600 electric-aircraft programs leveraging the new capabilities of electric motors to redefine what aircraft look like and what missions they can perform, but advancements are hindered by the obstacles inherent in battery technology alone. VerdeGo Aero’s hybrid technology provides onboard energy to meet the aviation industry’s demands for safe, regulatory-compliant, and sustainable performance. Just as jet engines changed the design space for aircraft in the 1940s through the 1960s, electric motors are changing the design space again. With VerdeGo’s hybrid technology, leveraging electrification is attainable in aircraft designed for high demand and high performance while accelerating sustainability.

VerdeGo Aero’s hybrid technology balances the unique needs of the aerospace industry, the capabilities of electric propulsion technologies, and the new missions for next generation aircraft. This enables VerdeGo’s customers to meet the competing demands for safe, regulatory-compliant, sustainable performance.

Reducing emissions

Reducing Cost Up To 50%

Increasing Range 400-1000%

Increasing Payload

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