Experience, passion, and vision merge to deliver innovation

Three visionaries with experience in hybrid-electric and battery-electric aircraft came together with the idea to accelerate the electrification of flight by combining the best of conventional propulsion technologies with the best of next-generation electric flight. In 2017, they founded VerdeGo Aero, recognizing the need to develop novel hybrid powerplants that enable high-performance electric flight using the new capabilities of electric motors, in concert with hybrid powerplants that use liquid fuels.

Engineering the future

VerdeGo began developing both powertrain technologies and proprietary modeling tools to understand the unique design space created by electrification. New missions and new aircraft architectures were being developed but the inevitable constraints imposed by battery technology and/or infrastructure presented huge hurdles. Overcoming these obstacles involved assembling a team of engineers who were tasked with creating something entirely new – a novel concept without a history to build upon. This world-class engineering team is led by the visionaries who have been at the forefront of developing electric flight for more than 10 years.

Verdego aero is taking its customers decades into the future

Bringing together electric motors for propulsion and liquid fuels for energy storage, our high-performance hybrid powerplants provide our customers with a means to deliver success without a need for revolutions in battery technology and billions of dollars of new infrastructure. Hybrid propulsion offers the best path forward now, and when combined with sustainable fuels it provides the most efficient long-term opportunity to get the benefits of electric motors into large-scale usage without being held back by aspects of electrification that are impractical. VerdeGo Aero delivers fully integrated hybrid powerplants that include the engine, generator, power electronics, control systems, and thermal management. Liquid fuels go in and reliable propulsive electric power is delivered. Our systems offer low direct operating costs with performance levels that meet the customers’ needs.


VerdeGo co-founder Anderson flies world’s first parallel hybrid-electric aircraft


Co-founders Bartsch and Lindbergh fly battery-electric aircraft


VerdeGo Aero founded


Diesel-electric hybrid developed for efficiency and compatibility with SAF


First large-scale customer contracts


First operation of VH-1 hybrid-electric research powerplant


First operation of VH-2 hybrid system


First powerplants delivered, portfolio expanded to greater than 1MW turbine hybrids


VerdeGo hybrids take flight