Electrification is the third major revolution in aerospace propulsion, and it has the potential to be as impactful as the invention of the jet engine. VerdeGo Aero is positioned to be a key enabler of electrification as the industry matures from hype to reality, delivering on the emerging needs for sustainable commercial aviation and high performance military flight with hybrid-electric powerplants. Our customers, the aircraft manufacturers, can apply VerdeGo’s hybrid powerplants across a diverse array of market segments and missions.

Huge market opportunity

$10B+ invested across 400+ electric aircraft programs – these aircraft are the future of commercial transportation, military aviation, drones, and even air taxis – $27B of annual electrified aircraft sales forecasted by 2032.

With a gigantic problem nobody wants to talk about

Electrification brings huge opportunities for flight, but it is all at risk due to battery technical limitations colliding with regulatory/safety realities.

And the conventional solution is unrealistic

Aircraft developers are betting their entire companies on either convincing regulators to relax safety standards or hoping for battery technology to advance 10X faster than today’s trend – the status quo doesn’t work.

An alternate approach is necessary

Electric flight is compelling because electric motors enable new types of airplanes and missions, and batteries aren’t the answer. Hybrid power makes the huge investment in electric flight useful and practical.

As VerdeGo Aero scales up production of its hybrid powerplants, we are proud to have built strong relationships with our strategic partners and investors. VerdeGo’s Series A financing round was led by strategic investor RTX Ventures (Raytheon) with support from their Pratt & Whitney division. Also providing financial leadership in the round was DiamondStream Partners, a leading venture capital firm in the aerospace market. Together with these leading investors, VerdeGo also counts Seyer Industries and Avfuel among its supporters. Leveraging these relationships enables VerdeGo’s core team to focus on hybrid-electric technology development as it efficiently taps into decades of aerospace expertise related to commercializing new aviation hardware.

There is a multi-billion-dollar market potential for diverse applications of hybrid-electric powerplants in drones and aircraft, for both civilian and military markets. Hundreds of new electric aircraft designs are now under development for passenger and cargo transportation, and all of them need reliable high-performance onboard power. VerdeGo is the source for next generation powerplants and for the engineering expertise to integrate these systems with the aircraft of tomorrow.

VerdeGo’s hybrid-electric technologies make it possible to deliver on the demanding mission requirements that are necessary for electric aircraft to succeed. VerdeGo’s core capabilities encompass blending the best attributes of high-efficiency, high-performance aircraft engines with electric flight systems such as generators and power electronics. The result is a powerplant that provides reliable onboard electric power while leveraging existing energy infrastructure for liquid fuels (Jet-A, JP-8), while also being compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). VerdeGo is the connection between the two biggest disruptors in aircraft propulsion: electrification and sustainable fuels. Whether the goal is maximizing efficiency, enhancing sustainability, or boosting performance; VerdeGo’s hybrid powerplant technologies are the key to enabling the next generation of aircraft.

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Current Investors Include:

RTX Ventures
DiamondStream Partners
Seyer Industries
Standish Spring Investments
The Hatter Angel Network