VH-3 185 kW

What if you could have a 555 kW-hr battery pack with 1200 wh/kg energy density?

The VH-3-185 leverages all that VerdeGo Aero has learned in two prior generations to deliver the best piston-powered hybrid powerplant on the market. Featuring patent-pending air cooling and highly adapted customized parts throughout, this powerplant will deliver 185 kW continuous electrical power output in a 650 lb package with exceptional fuel efficiency of 0.37 lb/HP-hr. With a focus on simplified electronics and engine operation, this conformal product is being developed in close cooperation with the FAA as we seek Part 33 certification.

Equivalent energy density of 600 - 1000+ Wh/kg including the entire hybrid system and fuel

40% better fuel economy than turbines, with less noise

Uses Jet-A or sustainable aviation fuel = zero new infrastructure required

Self-contained system includes engine, generator, inverter, and thermal management using air cooling

600V – 800V Output

Series or parallel hybrid modes


Compatible with Jet-A, JP-8, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Standard control interface and connection to main power bus

Hard points for mounting from above or below

Integrated Air Cooling for Light Weight and High Performance

Multiple power output modes

  • VH3 Hybrid Powerplant offers series and/or parallel output
  • Output power can be [blended/split/divided] between electrical power and shaft power, per customer needs
  • Burst power from battery to boost shaft power up to 100%

Quiet, Efficient, and Economical Power for Electric Aircraft

Use one powerplant for smaller vehicles, two or more for larger vehicles

​Broadly Applicable
Suitable for UAM eVTOL, eSTOL, eCTOL

Much quieter than turbines and turbine-hybrids

Lowest Direct Operating Costs
Compared to turbine-hybrids and battery-electric

Multiple potential operating modes using optional thru-shaft: mechanical shaft power on/off, electrical power on/off, burst power from battery to boost mechanical shaft power

Batteries alone can't meet the mission?

5-7X higher energy density than batteries

Transformational range while meeting energy reserve requirements

Up to 12X faster refuel/recharge

More flights per day = more revenue

No charging infrastructure required

Turbine options too loud or too thirsty?

40% better fuel economy for lower DOC and carbon emissions

Available with noise mitigation to be 10-20dB lower than turbine systems

Built around a certified engine & air cooling, familiar aerospace technology