The VH-5 makes a new class of ultra high-performance electrified aircraft possible.

The VH-5 is a large-scale turbine or turbo-fan hybrid…

This convertible engine acts exactly like a jet in one mode of operation, but can also generate all of its power output as electricity, enabling multiple modes of flight. The uses for the electricity are limited only by the aircraft designers’ innovation. Vertical lift fans, active aerodynamics, blown wings, and large onboard electrical payloads are all feasible with the VH-5 powering the aircraft.

This hybrid powerplant blends the best of a jet engine with the best of electrification adding a huge amount of value for aircraft that are under development. In long-range, high-speed cruising flight, it is hard to beat a jet engine powered by SAF for performance, reliability, and efficiency. VerdeGo’s VH-5 can be a turbofan when desirable for these phases of flight. In phases of flight where direct jet thrust isn’t the answer, the VH-5 can produce virtually zero thrust and provide its full power output in the form of electricity to drive other lift systems with lower disk loading, higher efficiency in hover, and better ultra-low-speed performance. The VH-5 allows aircraft designers to have it both ways when it comes to applying jet engines and electric propulsion, which is critical for the highest performance applications desired in both civilian and military markets. Larger ground-based iron bird hybrid systems are available upon request.

Seamless blending of simultaneous electric power and jet thrust

Enables payloads requiring significant electric power

Megawatts of electrical power for vertical takeoff

Turbofan thrust for high-speed horizontal flight

Capable of producing 100% electricity with negligible residual thrust


Bypass Fan

Medium-bypass fan optimized for high-speed cruise flight

Blending Hardware

Generates 1MW+ of electric power

Turbine Engine

Turbine core based upon an existing turbine engine


Suitable for installation in a nacelle or in equivalent internal ducting